Solar ball valve made of gunmetal for high operating temperatures

Globo S is used as a versatile shut-off element in for example, solar, industrial and district heating systems. Also for other applications requiring a higher operating temperature, as with solid fuel boilers Globo S is suitable. Thanks to the compact working radius of the operating toggle, the Globo S is the ideal valve for adjacent installation on distributors.

Key features

Body and ball made of corrosion-resistant gunmetal

Tubular body, ideal for continuous pipe insulation

Operating toggle outside the pipe insulation

Also available in Press version

DN 15-32 suitable for M106 actuator

Technical description


Solar, industrial and district heating systems.


Operating toggle which can be dismantled, made of shock resistant plastic with small projection. Since the toggle stop is hidden, there is no danger of injury.


Versions with female thread from DN 15 to DN 32 and with pump connection DN 25.

Pressure class:

PN 16


Permissible operating temperature TB -10 °C ˗ 150 °C, intermittent to 170 °C.


The body and the ball are made of corrosion-resistant gunmetal.
Ball with smooth straight bore.
Maintenance-free spindle sealing by two O-rings made of EPDM.
Ball sealing from pure PTFE.


Water or neutral fluids, water-glycol mixtures (0-50%).


DN 15 — 32 suitable for M106 actuators.
Art.-No. 0600-00.700.