Motorized actuator for use with LONWORKS®-networks

EMOLON actuators are used in LONWORKS® networks in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning sectors. They can be installed on thermostatic valve bodies and make it possible, when used with the appropriate constant regulators, for optimal control results to be achieved even for more accurate control or control paths with a high level of difficulty. The actuators receive their supply voltage directly from the bus.

Key features

  • LinkPower with bus voltage monitoring
  • Automatic stroke adjustment
  • Characteristic line compensation
  • Runs extremely quiet
  • Corresponds to LonMark guidelines
  • LNS™ plug-in for configuration, monitoring and diagnostics

Technical description

The EMOLON proportional actuator has been designed for connection to LONWORKS®-networks. The bus (Link Power) supplies the voltage directly.
The integrated bus voltage monitoring avoids an overload of the network from a larger number of EMOLON actuators.
The Neuron® ID has a contact free output due to the service magnet. A yellow service LED acts as a status indicator.
The maintenance-free drive mechanism operates at an extremely low noise level.
The compact body made of high quality plastic covers the motor, gears, stroke recognition and the entire communications and control technology.
This actuator has been designed to be fitted to TBV valves, thermostatic valve bodies and three-way valves. Adapters enable the mounting of thermostatic valve bodies of other manufacturers.
The electrical connection is protected against polarity inversion by a 6-wire cable which is fitted to the body.