For Globo ball valves from DN 10 to DN 32

Easy installation by change of the Globo operating toggle. Application e.g. for On/Off-control in heating or drinking water systems. The actuator is also suitable for ball valves with heat insulation shell.

Technical description

Applications area:

On/Off-control with Globo ball valves DN 10 — 32

Power supply:

230 V AC +6% – 10%


50/60 Hz ±5%.

Power consumption:

3,5 VA

Input signal:


Ingress protection:


Protection class:

II, EN 60730


Medium temperature: max. 80°C
Ambient temperature 0°C to 50°C

Actuating time:

At 50 Hz/90°: 130s

End position switch-off:

Fixed at 90°

Angle of rotation:


Operating mode:

S4-50% ED c/h 1200, EN 60034-1

Adjusting torque:

8 Nm


1,5 m, three wire (0,5 mm2) with wire end ferrule

Key features

Easy subsequent installation

By change of the Globo operating toggle

Use for ON/OFF control with 230 V

In heating or drinking water systems

Suitable for use with IMI Heimeier insulation shells

The actuator is outside of the insulation

With handwheel

In case of manual emergency actuation